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When in Rome...

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Here we go. When in Rome...

St Maarten is an island shared by 2 countries. The Netherlands, where the cruise ships dock and then the French. It's a unique flare with opinions abound by everyone which side is better and why.

I've been to both, but on this trip decided to stay on the Dutch side and visit Copecoy Beach. Tucked away on the border between the two countries, just passed the famous Maho beach where airplanes land overhead.

Copecoy is a clothing optional, lgbtq friendly beach. I would say the experience wasn't exactly as expected, but I should have known. Think sand in all the wrong places...and no real way to shower and remove it, but it was an enjoyable few hours of fun in the sun and the company was amazing.

The beach itself is really collection of small alcoves, the one we visited was maybe 20 yards long at most. You find the beach by hiking down from the trail above surrounded by the rugged sandstone cliffs on both sides. The seas were rough which proved to make it difficult to cool off. I did venture out into the ocean, timing my entry and exit so as to not get crushed by the surf. Thankfully shade on the beach was provided by the rock outcroppings and that's where I spent most of my time.

It's one of those experiences you just go with. Obviously not a lot of photos. You can't kiss and tell...

I enjoyed my company, thoroughly, and was thankful for the assistance finding my way back to the boat after indulging in a few too many vodka sprites. 🤷🏻‍♂️ That was maybe not my proudest moment, but forgive yourself move forward.

It was an early night. I think I was back in my room by 10p. The ship was moving quite a bit, and the sun and vodka got the better on me.



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