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Up, Up & Away WE go!

You read that right. My world has been turned upside down (in a great way) and has turned ME into WE.

I returned from Antarctica on NYE, got home late afternoon, showered and immediately went out to meet friends at Good Judy’s, our local LGBTQ+ bar to ring in the New Year. It was a fun evening of celebrating the completion of a trek around the world, setting foot on all seven continents in 2023 and ringing in the New Year!

Waking up on the first day of 2024 felt different.  Accomplished.

New Year’s Day meant that part of my story and that part of my life was now literally in the past.  A flip of a calendar page and my travel story was “so last year”.  I said to myself, Macie perched on the bed beside me, I guess I can start dating now.

Fast forward a few days and a meetup at a coffee shop where I met someone special. I think it’s remarkable what life brings you with attention and focus.  Trust me, I didn’t think I would be meeting someone in less than 48 hours but it’s what happened . I am thankful that I was open to welcoming him into my life, as 48 hours previously, it would have been a "no". The right time.  The right place.  The right space.

Fast forward a few months to now and things continue to grow and progress in our relationship AND we are going on vacation together! Trusting anyone into the travel journey is a big step, and I honestly cant wait to have Wyatt alongside in this journey.

There will still be solo trips, but this late bday celebration includes a man I am proud to call my boyfriend.

It’s his first cruise and first trip out of the country.  The excitement and nervousness is palatable.  I am really excited to share this journey and see it through his eyes. Adventure abound.

Up next: Miami, St Maarten, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic.

Stay tuned - more to follow ❤️

Cole + Wyatt

Spinning in a different direction



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about me:

Hey!  I am Cole from Grand Junction, Colorado. In 2023 I stepped on all seven continents, in a single calendar year, solo!

The year continues to shape my life and my lust for travel.

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