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The Trip that wasn’t!

Sunday, Feb 11th, 2024 was supposed to be the start of the most epic trip of my life.  Yes, I can “outdo” 2023 but I am not, at least not yet.

A few weeks back I finally caved and cancelled a 2.5 month (78 night) trip to Sydney, New Zealand, Melbourne, The South Pacific, the Great Barrier Reef before heading to Brisbane and then embarking on a 31 night Transpacific cruise from Brisbane to Guam, all over Japan, across the International Dateline, up through Alaska (which would have been my first visit to Alaska) before ending in Seattle on May 1st

Yet, here I sit in Grand Junction, happy as a clam about my decision NOT to go.

As I spoke with many people in the time returning from Antarctica on NYE about the decision to actually cancel the trip, (1) I wasn’t ready to go again (2) I have a TON of paperwork to catch up on from 2023 (3) I still need to finish the book and most importantly, (4) my gut was telling me not to go.

I haven’t ever been stressed about traveling before. I have ALWAYS wanted to go, regardless of other “stuff”. The day I finally verbalized to my parents that I wasn’t going to go decreased my stress level by about 100x and that was all of the proof that I needed not to go.

Thankfully, mortgage origination is picking back up some and I want to be here to be the best and most successful Loan Originator that I can be, along with fulfilling duties to both the Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association and the Community Food Bank of Grand Junction, to which I serve as the Board President to both organizations.

And then there is Macie.  I couldn’t stand the thought of leaving a 16 year old cat for that long…

There are other exciting changes in life, and I am happy and content being here in Western Colorado!  I am extremely excited be moving back into my house in early April.  The garage apartment that I’ve been staying in has been perfect and the Airbnb-ing of the Main St House has worked out incredibly well, but to say I am excited to move back in and enjoy all that GJ has to offer within walking distance into the spring and summer is an understatement.

I am starting to plan the summer’s garden, thinking about doing some redecorating/painting and really settling into the house, I did afterall, move in and leave for Australia in the span in 7 days last year and a lot of things were just thrown in cabinets and in the basement/garage without a lot of care and consideration for what stays and what goes.

There are new beginnings on the horizon, and travel is going to play a big part of that, of course.  Within days of cancelling the “big trip” I had to book something for March and my bday. I've been busy rearranging and shuffling some other plans too.

There’s a calmness in the air and I appreciate it.

As I said in my final post last year, for one journey to begin, often another must end so stay tuned for other exciting announcements in the coming days and weeks.  (I have not yet heard back from the Guinness Book of World Records, but hopefully that is in the works too!)

Until next time

Cole, back home in Colorado


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Just finished reading and enjoying the latest blog post!! I definitely think it was the best decision for now!! Sending love from Arizona..

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about me:

Hey!  I am Cole from Grand Junction, Colorado. In 2023 I stepped on all seven continents, in a single calendar year, solo!

The year continues to shape my life and my lust for travel.

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