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The perfect day

Looking back at my sappy, sad "alone" post with laughter. Yesterday kicked ass. I guess you could agree with the saying life only throws what you can handle. I was feeling pushed to the limit before this trip, and it's amazing how one day can change everything.

Yesterday was literally the perfect day. I wish you could have seen my face when I walked in my room at Casa Cupula. I was like, "there is no fucking way".

You enter the door onto a giant patio with a few loungers and small seating area with views overlooking the Bay of Banderas. The hotel is situated up a fairly steep hill but short walk above the Zona Romantica. The sweeping views are stunning.

Simon, the hotel concierge that has been assisting pre-stay met me in the Lobby at check-in and showed me to the room while another staff member brought my bag down.

The room itself is furnished very nicely, with a sofa/chair, large king size bed, desk, a mini bar and nice closet. The bathroom is when I just started laughing. It has a sunken shower that's open to the room. Rainfall showerhead, beautiful blue Mexican tile surround. Candles. Like it doesn't get any better for bathroom ambiance.

Going back to above, I am learning that laughter is natural reaction for me. I hadn't ever really noticed it before, but a few weeks back when I won my giant jackpot at the casino in Blackhawk, my reaction then was laughter. Like how is this real. Are you fucking kidding me kinda laughter. I don't recall reacting like this ever before in my 41 years on planet earth. For it to happen again when walking into the hotel room, I knew it was going to be a good thing.

Maybe I am working thru some of the past shame and guilt. I dunno, but it was unbridled happiness, and an instant confidence boost.

I unpacked my suitcase. With a stay if 6 nights in this room, it's too inconvenient living out of a suitcase and with this much humidity wanted to hang shirts and stuff to make sure everything looks nice when I go out.

I've also found that unpacking helps make the stay feel more comfortable. I used to be a germophobe and would live out of the suitcase but I am now an unpacker for stays of more than a day or two. The packing cubes helps with the still natural germ reaction. Thankfully the rooms, dresser drawers and overall property here are spotless and obviously well-cared for.

The afternoon consisted of a few cocktails at the pool party. Chatting up with some folks from around the globe. Chicago, Houston, London, Georgia, Sacramento... I think I left the pool around 7p, came back to the room, lit the candle next to the sink, and finally jumped into this amazing shower.

I walked down the steep hill to La Palapa. A beachside restaurant that I had been to before, in a different time and place in life, and watched the final light of the sunset drift into the Pacific Ocean in front of me. Live music from the house band, sand, tiki torches, and the surrounding sound of love and laughter from all of the other tables.

A beachside dinner for one of local fish and crème brûlée.

I then ventured out to the bars/nightclubs and lost myself in the fun and people watching until nearly midnight. I am not going to be bashful, the men here are absolutely gorgeous. I find beauty in all different types of people, it's usually much more about connection than looks with me. I feel strongly that people are so much more than there outwards appearances, but when the GQ runway is walking down the street or sitting aside you at the bar, I absolutely appreciate it wholeheartedly. Let's just say there was a lot to appreciate in Puerto Vallarta on a Friday night during Pride Week.

Walked back to the hotel and drifted off to sleepy land in the plush bed.

It was the perfect day. The right time. The right place. It got me back into the right space. This is amazing. My life is fricken amazing.

I can't wait to see what today holds.

-Cole from Colorado



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Hey!  I am Cole from Grand Junction, Colorado. In 2023 I stepped on all seven continents, in a single calendar year, solo!

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