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Tallinn, Estonia - country # 9

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

It was a hot, hot day in Tallinn on Friday, June 30th. I was sweating in the shade while I was sipping my new favorite cocktail discovery, Vana Tallinn. Part shot, part cocktail, it was served with raisins and an orange slice. It was so good, I ordered a post-lunch cocktail too and stumbled back to the ship. I guess the heat and the alcohol got to me. It wasn't out of control tipsy, but it was a noticeable buzz, and I wasn't complaining.

Tallinn itself was beautiful, of course and yet another UNESCO World Heritage site. Old town, walled in by stone walls, some as old as the 1300s, red roofs and churches was storybook like.

My first stop, was the KBG Prison Cells. Definitely not storybook-like, but an interesting and unique place in an otherwise storybook setting. It was a dark place to visit. Bad energy and what you would expect. I was hoping it would feel more Alcatraz-like and the pain and suffering would have exited over the years, but no. I am no medium to other worlds, but it wasn't a happy place. Heavy.

I wandered and weaved inside and outside of the walled section of the city, I eventually ended up at a viewing platform and the Riigikogu Government Complex. The People in Places series took a fun turn when a wedding party showed up in Tuxedos. Arpad and friends were kind enough to let me snap a few photos before the big day. A quick exchange of emails so I could send a few photos and off I went. Well done sir, and I hope the big day was perfect.

Next encounter was with David, a juicer entrepreneur next to the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Fresh squeezed Orange and Pomegranate juice helped me cool off as I sat in the shade on a bench adjacent to the cathedral. The juice was at a slightly steep price point at 6 euros, but hey, why not. After David fixed my juice, I sat and watched him interact with other guests. Later, I approached again and asked to take his photo. Unscripted, this is what he came up with. Just innocent enough, right? I tipped well...


My absolute favorite photo of all of the travels may very well be this. I am not sure why it speaks to me in such a way, but I think it's part cold-war Eastern Europe harshness against the reality of modern-era life. It wa ether very first photo I took in Estonia.

This may be my 2nd favorite of the day. I probably shouldn't have taken it. There were signs inside the church saying no photos, but the gift shop off the side of the cathedral seemed fair game. No signs inside the gift shop unlike the foyer or the sanctuary, so one very quick snap of perfect lighting and shadows was all that was needed.

It was a nice day. I am not sure I would run back, but I appreciated and am so thankful for the opportunity to visit.

-Cole from Colorado



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