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Surfing: 1 vs Cole: 0

Waking up this morning a little sore and ego bruised. I now know with 💯 certainty I am not a surfer.

I had a blast and am so glad I tried, but this excursion definitely got the better of me. I ski, paddle board, and water ski but none of those prepared me for the challenge of surfing in the ocean.

My return trip to San Juan was an adventure. I actually pre-plotted this surfing excursion out. Headed to Australia in March, I thought it would be wise to try surfing now so I would know if I should spend any of my precious time on Australia's Good Coast surfing. The answer is an absolute no, but now I know!

I would describe my surfing experience like this. I had salt water in all of the places, and all I could taste was crab cakes. You know, that salty hint that you love about a fresh crab cake, well it's not so fun and charming when it's you, your nose, your mouth.

After surfing, I ended up walking around Old Town San Juan again this week for a few hours, buying a swim suit (cause you can never have too many swimsuits) and then found my way to Racies. Racies is a well-known island restaurant and bar close to the port. It came highly recommended from Monique, a Colorado friend and bridal/dress boutique owner. Walking in, I run into Will, Craig, Patrick and Jason - my new tribe from the cruise. They were kind enough to ask me to join them, and honestly felt compelled to show them Monique's message from last weeks San Juan post with the recommendation so they didn't think I was stalking them. 😂

The mojitos of San Juan are unlike any other locale. Home of Barcardi, they should be. I sipped on a pineapple variety while they ate lunch and then we meandered around the colbalt blue cobblestones.

A nap was in order after showering off the salt. Nearly 2 hours later, I was ready to grab some dinner. Tonight's dinner was a bbq variety, at Guy's Pig and Anchor on deck 6 Aft. The food was good.. The company was excellent.

After dinner, Craig, Will and I ponied back up to the 820 Biscanne bar, talking about life and the what haves and what could be's in life. They've become a wonderful connection and it provides so much hope for what this year could be. This connection and friendship is one that will last.

Today we are off to St Maarten/St Martin. A beach day and the perfect last port before we turn this boat around and head back to Miami.





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Hey!  I am Cole from Grand Junction, Colorado. In 2023 I stepped on all seven continents, in a single calendar year, solo!


The year continues to shape my life and my lust for travel.

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