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Stairs + Steps

One would say there is a lot of food on a cruise. I've challenged myself to only take the stairs for all 69 days that I'll be spending on cruise ships this year. I am 6 days in, and success so far!

I rarely take more than 3000 steps in a normal day, so this is impressive (for me). 41 flights of stairs per day, averaging 12,000+ steps and 4.8 miles of walking.

Maybe I'll actually have calf muscles by the end of year, but I won't hold my breath. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Today was a cool 70 degrees and quite windy. The weather in Miami looks down right cold for tomorrow. I think the high is 63. Add on some humidity and ocean breezes and it'll be a cool day. Perfect hot tub weather!

I haven't changed my daily routine very much. I still generally get up and grab coffee and go and sit in the hot tub. Still trying out different locations but generally end up on the adults-only Serenity Deck. I need to try the Tides Pool overlooking the wake (also know as Aft).

Here's a pic of the Serenity Deck. Having a pool in the adults only area is unique to this class of ships for Carnival, a welcome addition. There are also 2x 12 person hot tubs, one on each side. The loungers have nice cushions and there is a lot of fun day beds scattered throughout!

This is what the Tides Pool aft looks like. This was the most crowded I have seen it on my week long adventure. Stunning in its own right.

A lot of you have likely already seen the last pic, but reposting because it encompasses what today has looked like for me. Relaxation. I started my day with my latte and hot tub, took a nap, got to visit with some of my new friends at the Golden Jubilee Bar, had a lovely vegetarian dinner of Indian Cuisine in the MDR (Main Dining Room), and am typing this from the Piano Bar while sipping on an Aperol Spritz (love you Allie) and listening to Eden, who is an entertainer with a lot of personality and zest for life!

Piano Bar

A great first week. Onto week 2!





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