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San Juan really sparkles - 1/11/2023

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Well if I had any doubts about a trek around the world solo, San Jan "fixed" that in a few hours. I just love this city. It's been about 15 years since I was last here and it was everything I remembered it to be, and maybe more. The city has an easy way that's familiar but also has a wonderful tropical flare and color-splashed buildings that gives my soul energy. It's truly one of America's Gems.

Side note before I get into the day, and it's worthy of an asterisk, while at the Hotel El Convento, a famous San Juan Convent turned Hotel, I met Gitta while I was taking photos. Gitta was a show-stopper. She was dressed to impress and also happened to be on another cruise ship in port for the day. We somehow managed to "find each other" while wandering around the city solo. She ponied up to the bar next to me and ordered herself a Bloody Mary, which she gave the distinct honor of being the absolute WORST Bloody Mary she had ever had. She disliked it so much, she agreed to let me photograph her with said drink so she wouldn't ever forget it. (haha) I kindly reminded her we were in Puerto Rico and that it would be best to order rum cocktails in the future. We had a good chuckle, spoke about our cats and then parted way. She's a gem and I'll forever be thankful to know where the World's Worst Bloody Mary resides.

The exciting part of the day for me - I finally took the Sony Alpha 7aiii camera out and really got to play around with it, I took myself on a self-guided "historical sights of Old San Juan" walking tour for a bit of photographic inspiration, but my personal favorite shots are the random people and creatures of the city. (Leave a comments and let me know what your favorite pic is)

Sights included:

  • Pasea de la Princesa

  • San Juan Gate & City Wall

  • Cathedral of San Juan Bautista

  • Hotel El Convento

  • Castillo San Felipe del Moro

After wandering around the cobalt blue cobblestone streets to the tune 12,000 steps, I found my way to Casa Luna Restaurant (Bo San Juan Antiguo 355 Calle Luna Planta Baja, San Juan PR - Instagram @_casalunarest ) It was a wonderful, truly delicious meal of Fried Cheese, Beef Stew with a side of Red Beans and Rice. I don't think I could pick a favorite but it really was made with love and you could taste it! BRAVO Team Casa Luna!

After the leisurely recharge at the restaurant, I found my way to Condado Beach for some afternoon sun and a few remaining photos before finding my way back to the ship.

It was a lovely, lovely day in San Juan. She (and Gitta) really sparkle.

Next Up - St Thomas.

Signing off for today


Highlights of San Juan:


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I love the pictures of the historic buildings….especially the pink one! 💕

Palm Springs Selfie.jpg

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