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Rotterdam, a city of stunning modern architecture

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

When you embark/disembark from a cruise ship, most passengers are running to/from the airport. Being B2B (back-to-back) I had the opportunity to exit the ship during the normal chaos and run around Rotterdam.

The day started with coffee, a walk past Jordys-and a photo for the LaBeau's.

Rotterdam wasn't what I expected. It's billed as a sister-city to Amsterdam. I found it to be much more modern than the historic city center of Amsterdam that I visited a week earlier. Stunning modern architecture, commissioned graffiti, striking bridges, connected by water but also under significant construction and development.

People in Places Rotterdam edition took a unique turn. For the second time since I started snapping photos of people doing their thing in everyday life, as I was walking by with my camera over my shoulder, a guys said "hey, want to take out picture?" I chuckled, and said "I would be honored". And n gave him one of my travel biz cards, and he said, "oh, are you a photographer" and I responded, "no, it's just a hobby". I proceeded to snap a few quick photos, and this is the end result, and I've named it "Espresso's on a Sunday Afternoon"

I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking. I haven't ever loved taking photos of architecture like I did in Rotterdam. It's a beautiful city. Enjoy!

Back onboard, the "game" of meeting new people and making new connections began. I also made a trip to Guest Relations and scored an upgrade from my oceanview room to an Aqua Class Balcomy cabin.

More pics to follow, but 🤯.

-Cole from Colorado

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