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Road Trip

SL,UT. Not my definition of Salt Lake City, Utah, but while walking the streets I stumbled across a t-shirt shop proudly selling SL,UT tees, I guess it's proof that sex sells, even in conservative Utah.

This trip was so different from my most recent travels, as well as the big Australian adventure ahead in just 9 days. A road trip. A passenger. A pre-determined purpose.

We departed from the Shit Show Shateau on Friday morning, a bit delayed by the overnight snow, and after standing around the kitchen island scarfing down some breakfast burritos that Tim and Liz brought from their favorite burrito stand on their way over.

Amanda, Dee, Tim, Liz, Dessa and myself were headed to Salt Lake to see Chaska perform in the Samba Fogo Dance Competition. Other than Amanda and Dee, I believe we were all Samba Dance Competition virgins. It seemed appropriate to notate that in our SL,UT society.

4-4.5 hours later, we arrived at The Peery, a Tapestry Collection Hilton Hotels property. Built in 1910, the hotel features "early Prairie and Classical Revival architecture alongside a collection of vintage inspired and antique furnishings."

Dessa and I, roommates for the weekend, hit the room jackpot. Booking 2 beds instead of 1 provided us a space almost double the size other the other 2 king rooms. The unexpected outcomes in the journey around the world continued with the room, and as most often the case, in the most unexpected ways.

Friday night, we were treated to a delightful dinner of top-tier locally-sourced, antibiotic and hormone-free steaks at Christopher's Prime + Sonoma Wine Bar & Grill. The table shared some oysters and calamari while we chatted and shared stories over cocktails, all while giving the waiter a little bit of trouble with all of our questions. Our meals arrived and we dove into the entrees and family-style sides.

A few more cocktails and some live music at Gracies, a local bar across the street from the hotel, the girls dancing the night away. I excused myself and ventured to Verse, a local gay bar to check out the scene, which was fun. I Ubered back to the hotel, showered and head hit the pillow around 1:45a. Waaayyy past my normal bedtime, but fitting for a trip that is outside of my new "normal" travels.

Samba Saturday started with some antique shopping, lunch and for me an afternoon nap. 5 hours of sleep wasn't going to be enough to get me thru the day, so while the others went shopping I excused myself and threw the covers over my head and drifted off to dreamland for a solid hour and a half. Recharged, I set out to find a latte to ensure I would be able to withstand the night ahead.

Dinner of sushi complete, we arrived at Metro Musical Hall at 8p to find our VIP Table upfront and adjacent to the catwalk. The highlight was seeing Chaska perform. I am not sure how she and Amanda became friends, or for how long they have been connected for, but it doesn't matter. A friend of Amanda's is a friend of mine, so I haven't ever thought to ask these questions.

Stunning in sequins, jewels and feathers, dancing away to the sounds of a live, on-stage band, the dancers competed and judges tallied their scores. No longer Samba Dance Competition virgins as we walked next door to Suntrapp, another local gay bar. One would think that after 4 hours of Samba dance and a few songs at the "Trapp" would be enough for one day, but you would be wrong. After arriving back at the hotel, we wandered alongside some college-aged locals and headed to grab some pizza, Why not, right?

The pizza joint was PACKED. Apparently we weren't the only "need a late night snack crowd" in the City. I could have gone to bed and not joined the girls in their quest for pizza, but being along for the ride seemed like the right choice. We stumbled back to the hotel and fell into bed sometime around 2:30a!

The weekend finished with breakfast at a local diner, near Chaska house. We set out around 11a and arrived back in Grand Junction around 3:30p.

I took 3 photos the entire trip. No camera. No crutch needed for a weekend filled with friends. 2 more hotel nights. 570 miles. 6 more Uber rides.




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