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Puerto Vallarta photo dump

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

As Whitney Houston said, I fall in love every time I meet - Puerto Vallarta. It's hard not to. Other than more humidity than I would care to experience, I slip right into life every time I visit.

You find yourself eating dinner later and later. I am sure by the end of the holiday I won't even think about dinner until 11 or midnight. Sounds crazy for a guy that's generally early to bed, early to rise, but it's just part of life here. I think part of it is it's cooler out, but you stay out later, you rise later, you have lunch later. Life is just pushed back. Many restaurants and cafes don't even open for breakfast until 8:30a.

Saturday was a pool day.

Sunday the hotel hosted a poolside Drag Brunch here, then I meandered around the city taking photos for my People in Places series. (Check it out on Instagram @cole.sjoholm)

Sunday evening was dinner at La Capella on an open-air balcony overlooking the central cathedral. Add in a few fireworks, literally...and in my mouth with the most delicious burrata salad I've ever had, it was a beautiful meal (as the Aussies would say).

Then wandered back out to the bars with new friends and fellow hotel guests Darren and Josh. They were visiting from Georgia and are moving to Milan soon!

Monday started with some work, add in caffeine while dining at the hotel restaurant before wandering back into town. I met up with Roger, a botanist turned sculptor. His studio is a stunning mix of plants, natural light, and plaster sculptures. I offered to take a few photos and he obliged, probably unsure what the crazy gringo was up to.

I ended up crashing hard and early on Monday night. The Mexican life I speak so highly of caught up to me and it was probably a needed change.

Another day ahead - onwards!

-Cole from Colorado



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