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People in Places: Bar Shadows

I love this photo. It's why I made it the first of my Instagram Highlight reel "People in Places". I think the lighting is perfect. I have no idea who they are, and they have no idea they are the subjects of my photo.

I was dining at Casa Luna Restaurant (@_casalunarestaurant on Instagram), minding my own business, camera already put into my backpack for lunch. Sipping on a mojito, and in they walked. I quickly snuck out my phone, and pretended to take a photo of my drink, which is this photo:

I looked at the photo and knew I wasn't capturing anything, so I wrestled the camera back out of my backpack and pushed the shutter button once. I pushed the camera back into the backpack and I didn't look at the photo until later that evening. Thrilled with the image, it became the first publicly posted People in Places photo.

I hope they enjoyed their mojitos. I should have picked up the tab for round one...



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