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Nothing is Impossible: Thoughts as I pack - 1/5/2023

Finally packing. Flight leaves 1/6/2023 at 11:30a. Lucky to be flying out a regional airport (GJT) and TSA Pre-Check makes it relatively easy...

In all of my years of travel, I've found the best place to pack is on the dining room table! You can layout the suitcase, fold things on a hard surface which makes that process so much easier, pack it into packing cubes and then play Tetris in suitcase with the cubes.

I still check a bag. I haven't even made it to the level of carry-on only. I actually could do it with the size suitcase that I'm using, but I seem to have too many liquids. Face regimine is a thing...and I can't go without the products 🤷🏻‍♂️

I'm sad to be leaving the cats. I feel really bad for Macie and Mario. 17 days is a long time. Thankfully they have the best cat sitter in the world. I know they'll be ok, but at 16 years of age, always nervous something will happen when I'm away.

Back to packing, I'm actually taking stuff out of my suitcase, instead of putting more stuff in! I think that's the benefit of waiting to pack until the end, at least for me. I'm taking the same size suitcase I took to Palm Springs for a four-day trip on the 17 day trek!

Ok, will post a photo tomorrow from the airport ✈️



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Hey!  I am Cole from Grand Junction, Colorado. In 2023 I stepped on all seven continents, in a single calendar year, solo!

The year continues to shape my life and my lust for travel.

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