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Alesund+Norway photos

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

I don't have much else to say about Norway. It won my heart. I'll be back-soon!

My day in Alesund was largely spend on a sea kayak, kayaking in the inner city canal as the seas were too rough to really sea kayak. It's been one of the least favorite excursions I have done, as our group was too large, and spend far too much time waiting around for others to get ready, paddle, etc.

The scenery was amazing. Alesund burnt down in 1904 and very few buildings remained. The town was rebuild in an Art Nouveau style, after Kaiser Wilhem of Germany largely paid for the town's reconstruction. It's a very German feeling town in the middle of the Norwegian Coast!

The 13th largest municipality in Norway, it boats a population of 67,000 resident! Tunnels connect multiple islands and they are said to run so deep benothe channels that your ears pop while driving in them.

The weather in Norway was very Norwegian. A bit cooler than I expected with highs in the upper 50s to low 70s, but lately overcast and rainy.

So many Europeans that were on the cruise hadn't been to Norway before either. It seems to be the distant family of the rest of Europe. You know of them, they may come and visit you but your not sure when you'll make the trek to their home. You talk about it in pleasantry but it may or may not happen. My advice-GO VISIT YOUR COUSIN.

Maybe that's the Norwegian plan, go visit your family on their turf but don't turn them on to how amazing your home is. Keep it simple. Live the good Norge life.

Great memories...

Cole from Colorado

Feeling the Norwegian blood flowing thru my veins.

A few remaining photos from the stunning Geiranger and then the photos from Alesund are below:

Photos from Alesund:



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