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Mango House Review + Final hours before ✈️

I don’t know how else to express or summarize this continental visit, other than to use a singular word, bliss.

I am very emotional this morning.  It’s all sort of hitting me at once.  It’s been an amazing holiday in an even more amazing year. Happy tears!

I always get a bit sad when the packing commences and the sunset of the voyage is in the crosshairs, but a 20+ year dream is coming to a close on this one and it happens to hit just a bit harder.

I woke around 6a local time, peeked out behind the floor to ceiling blackout curtains that makes my room a cocoon of darkness, and was blissfully surprised to see the sun peeking out over the easterly mountains, glistening over the bay (Anse a La Mouche).

Like I typically do, I rise early and try to soak in some of the quiet sights before the rest of the hotel wakes.  I do this on most holidays, cruises included.  There’s nothing like Vegas in the wee-hours, nothing like the hot tub on the Serenity Deck of the cruise ship solo, nothing like listening to the waves lapping on the shore with nothing but the morning chatter of the birds to distract you.

And then there is breakfast.  Breakfast at the hotel is absolute bliss.  The star of the show is homemade banana compote/jam.  I have developed such a reputation for my enjoyment, the staff warmly packaged some, carefully bubble wrapped for the journey home.  A perfect, unexpected and thoughtful souvenir.

Michael, the barista makes unlimited lattes with a warm smile.  For those of you that know me, coffee and lattes are a food group in my diet and he carefully crafts some of the finest I’ve had.

Perched just above the beach, a wall of windows opened to the bay, breakfast has become the source of connections on the trip.  Anna, my server each day greets me with a smile, knows my apparent unique eating style of jumping between plates of eggs, pastry’s, fruits, yogurts and states she likes how I take a bite, move on and then go back to take another bite.

Fruit.  There’s going to be an entire paragraph dedicated to the fruit plate served each morning.   Served consistently each day: pineapple that is so ripe it slices like butter, sweet and still a little tartness at the end.  Bliss.  The mango and watermelon are also among the sweetest I’ve ever tasted.  And then there are the mini bananas that are the star of the show. I have always loved bananas, and I am not sure I’ll ever eat one again without comparing it to those that graced my plate each day.  It’s almost like the heavens sprinkled a bit of lemon juice on them, it’s a unique and sweet flavor unlike any banana I’ve ever had.

Finding bliss in the simplicity.

The hotel has been outstanding.  I still have some beef about the check-in/rate/currency conversion issue with my Hilton Amex card, but after a 7 night stay of excellent, excellent service, the very best housekeeping I’ve encountered at any hotel/resort around the world and the friendly Food and Beverage staff that recommended dishes and cocktails like they know my exact taste buds, I really have zero complaints.  All expectations have been exceeded!

A few more shoutouts are necessary: Lyza and Mary at the pool bar. Jess, the evening bartender and mixologist that's been nominated to compete at the Hilton Hotels bartender competition, and Jemmy, my butler that always offered a ride in the golf carts everytime even though I almost exclusively walked everywhere by choice.

I’ve stayed at much more and much less expensive hotels. I think the mindset and happiness of the staff has much more to do with the service and the stay than the price point.

The staff here at the Mango House seems to get it.  I’ve also appreciated how warm and friendly they have been.  It feel like you are staying in their home, but unintrusive in the same breathe.

First time in my life I would really say Five Stars.  That says something…coming from a hotel/restaurant management major at UNLV.

The downfall of the Mango House is also part of the attraction.  Its remote location means there is not much to do in the surrounding area, and as mentioned previously, taxis are incredibly expensive here.  A week-long stay was the perfect amount of time.

Onwards in the trek around the globe.  Up next is a holiday of a very different variety and one that I am most nervous about.  A gay cruise.  3100 gay men on a single cruise ship seems more intimidating than any other trip.  I am sure I’ll have fun, but eek, it may be more energy than I can handle.

I can’t wait to snuggle with Miss Macie.  I am sure I’ll get many cuddles and she’ll be there on my pillow making biscuits into the early morning hours.

But first is a 31 hour trek home.  🤞🏻

Cole from Colorado

Continent #4

Room 29, my home away from home

And then one final video, serenity. BLISS!



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