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Live from the Carnival Celebration - 01/09/2023

So the ship is HUGE. Far larger than any other cruise ship I've been on. Even though there are ~6,000 people onboard, it really doesn't feel crowded.

Here's a quick video tour from Day 1!

For dinner last night, I went to Chef's Table, which included a walk-thru of the main galley during dinner service and held in a private dining room, which is unique to the newer ships on Carnival's Fleet. There were a few no-shows so it was myself and 2 other couples which made for a very private dinner. There is an added cost of $99 for the experience.

All said and done, it was 12 different items to taste, champagne, white and red wine, and coffee/tea with dessert. Nothing like starting your vacation out feeling extra full... I mean, it IS a cruise after all!

Met a fun couple from South Carolina. Listened to some music and lost some $ in the casino before going to bed around 1a

Today, Monday, Jan 9th is a sea day. For those of you that haven't been on a cruise before, basically just means we're sailing to our next destination, which will be Amber Cove, Dominican Republic. We'll arrive there on Tuesday, so today is just a day in the sun enjoying all the ship has to offer!

Here's another video of the Chefs Table dinner from last night. It comes highly recommended!



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