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Lessons from a cat

Worst day of my life, and there have been plenty of doozies. But with sadness comes reflections and observations, joy and happiness, tears and deep, deep sorrow.

Mario was much more than a cat. At the end of the day, he's as close to a best friend as I've had. We've been through a LOT. 8 moves. Suicide. Divorce. Breakup. Although we couldn't speak, he taught me so much about life, and I am sure many of you feel the same way about your fur babies.

He weighed just over 7 pounds this morning. A skeleton of his 22 pound healthy weight. I know that sounds like a fat cat, but he was a big boy, and that was what I affectionately called him: Big Boy. Mr. Mario. Mr. Chucklehead.

As we drove to the vet, I played him a song. Music has always been important to me, and the last 6 months I have spent more time listening to music than ever. I've hardly watch any TV anymore...just music. Music in the hot tub. Music in the shower. Music cooking dinner. If I am home, there is likely music on. It only seemed fitting to play him a song, possibly more for me but also to give him something to listen to as an attempt to calm his nerves as we drove away.

Devestated barely touches how sad I am. was time to help him cross the rainbow bridge. I prayed that he would do it on his own. It didn't happen. I held him in my arms as he fell asleep for the last time. A moment I am thankful for and reassurance that it was the right time, right place...right space to say my goodbye..

Lessons from a cat:

1-it's ok to be a little pushy to get what you want in life. He was great at making...or taking my life, when he wanted, which was pretty much anytime I was home. Watching TV=cat on my lap. Working from the home office=cat on the chair beside me. Sleeping=cat glued to my arm...paw to skin contact each and every night.

2-relax and soak it all in. He was a master lounger. But unlike his sister, he always managed to find the perfect spot of sunshine and cushion to call home.

3-meet your person at the door. It's probably what I'll miss most. His little greetings, EVERY time I walked in the door. He made sure I knew that I was loved and missed. How special is that 🐈‍⬛

4-it's okay to say goodbye. Tears streaming down my face. It wasn't an ugly cry, just a steady river of tears rolling down my cheek as I whispered goodbye and kissed his forehead. I'll always cherish being able to hold him as he feel asleep for the last time.

Thank you Mario for a wonderful friendship, your unconditional love and constant affection.




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Hey!  I am Cole from Grand Junction, Colorado. In 2023 I stepped on all seven continents, in a single calendar year, solo!

The year continues to shape my life and my lust for travel.

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