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It all starts today

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

So, here we go. First "real" international trip of my life, minus Mexico, Canada and multiple Caribbean cruises.

A quick hand count to put my travel history into perspective. I think I have been to ~20 Caribbean islands in my life, so definitely not new to foreign travel, but this will be new. Continent #2 in the quest to 7 starts today.

So many emotions. So many thoughts. Nervous. Scared. Thankful.

But, I am not gonna lie. This is a bit overwhelming today and I don't know why. Adventure and throwing caution to the wind hasn't ever been a problem for me. Maybe I am getting old or maybe I am learning some of life's lessons but my eyes may have watered up a bit.

Thankful. Change the story. Change the tune. I need to remained focused on the positive, right? Clearly I am a mess, but everyone that knows me already knows that, I just need to be reminded of it occasionally 😉

My parents arrived last night, agreeing to house sit, and more importantly cat sit for the grandcats, as they are so affectionately called. Having 2x 16 year old feline kids and just moving into a new house, I am so thankful for mom and dads support and help to step on continent #2

GJT > PHX > LAX > BNE (Brisbane)

But the day cannot just be about travel, so throw in a hot tub delivery at the new house this morning, some work (thankful for the continued support of me and my small business) and a morning cocktail of Tito's and Sprite to calm the nerves, it's been a day and it's only 1p.

I didn't sleep last night, and that's probably for the better. I figure the more tired I am on this 15 hour flight from LA to Brisbane the more likely I am to sleep...or at least I hope that's the case. I think I woke up at 3a Tuesday and I arrive in Australia at 5a on Thursday.

A trip across the international date line and a 17 hour time change is too much math for this son of a mathematician, so instead I'll rely on the world clock on my iPhone to remind me of what and where in the world I am compared to every other living soul I know. Throwing that out there like that, I guess that will force me to meet new people. New connections that I can share the next 17 days with.

Maybe I'll meet the next Gitta and find out where the worst Bloody Mary in Australia is. Maybe the next Bella that'll help me find the taxi stand like Bella from St Thomas. Or maybe the next Tyler, the boutique owner with his bejeweled teeth. I guess time will tell.

The Camera is charged and memory card formatted, like my brain, to be open to capture the future. Unsure of what it holds, but knowing it will be perfectly unperfect and beautiful.

-Cole from Colorado



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Hey!  I am Cole from Grand Junction, Colorado. In 2023 I stepped on all seven continents, in a single calendar year, solo!

The year continues to shape my life and my lust for travel.

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