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Flung myself out there alright.

Updated: Feb 11

To say this trip started with a tarot card reading gone bad seems laughable. 9 nights has been magical, frustrating, filled with euphoric highs and the same drepressing lows that everyday life holds.

What this trip has been is a confidence boost and a reminder that there are a lot of good people out in the world.

Daniel and Todd from OKC, Orlando and crew from Tacoma, Eyal, Bill (Bakery owner here in PV) and Brian from the Art Gallery opening, Sarg and Luke from DC, Simon, Felix, Ivan, Manuel and crew from Casa Cupula, and of course Roger, sculptor turned friend.

So tarot cards, thank you for showing up and telling me I was stuck, not moving forward, not throwing myself out there. You get a giant 🖕🏻. I win.

Ten days ago I couldn't say I was mentally ready for Europe. Now unstuck, moving forward and flung, I am ready. 25 night is the longest stint of any of the legs around the world. It'll be the longest trip of my life. As I spoke with Bill about travel, some of the journey getting here and launching the 7 continents in a year journey, trying to find myself and going to do + see, he reminded me that maybe I have already figured a lot of stuff out.

Now that I type it, it's the same revelation I had in Australia. The same reminder I shared today with a GJ friend that's in a bit of a struggle with life. Beauty in this world surrounds us. Regardless of where we are. Someone has traveled a long distance, likely from around the world to see what you look at each and every day.

And now Only Us from Dear Evan Hansen plays in the background of the restaurant overlooking the Zona Romantica. Another reminder...maybe a slap in the face that life is not a coincidence. There's meaning in all the things, even the tarot cards. Everything happens for a reason.

Other fun and notable events from the last several days.

I got to help a baby sea turtle into the ocean! It's been a lifelong dream to see a baby sea turtle. Then to get to pick it up with the approval of local authorities and place it into the Pacific Ocean to start its own new adventure. Pretty fun. Go get 'em little turtle

Art gallery openings are fun. Thank you Roger for the invite and sharing your beautiful studio. You have a unique vision and understanding of beauty.

Pool parties are a LOT of fun and more surprising , I can dance and I actually like it. Orlando gave me the desire. The pool gave the cover needed to build some confidence. Bopping around where nobody can see what I look like other than my head bouncing to the beat of the poolside DJ was the perfect foray. No photos, but trust me, it was fun and probably the biggest stretch of my normal wallflower life.

Lastly, even in a foreign country, there's likely still another person from Grand Junction here at the same time. Looking forward to a new friendship with Tristen, GJ native. Random chance encounter, as they would say, but again, doubt it was random or chance.

So last night in PV...for now. I'll be back. I fall in love every time I visit.

-Cole from Colorado



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about me:

Hey!  I am Cole from Grand Junction, Colorado. In 2023 I stepped on all seven continents, in a single calendar year, solo!

The year continues to shape my life and my lust for travel.

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