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Copenhagen for the win

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Well done Denmark. Not one, but two days in the Capital City of Denmark were the perfect stop to the end of this guys European Vacation.

We docked around 11a on Tuesday and left port at 5p on Wednesday, giving us an overnight in the city. I believe this is cruise number 16 in my life, and it's the first overnight stop anywhere. I loved it. The city, having additional time, the weather was finally tolerable... a very good 2 days.

First up was a roughly 4 hour ship-sponsored shore excursion starting off with a short bus ride to a canal boat. We set off adjacent to the Little Mermaid statue. In an Instagram vs Reality moment, here you go:



We then sailed past the Royal Opera, Naval shipyard, thru the canals and ended the canal part of the tour at Christianborg Palace. Take a look at the extremely narrow and tight bridge passages on the canal boat. Centimeters to spare.

We then set out on foot on a guided walking tour that included Amalienbug Palace, home of the Queen and the Crown Prince and family, The Royal Danish Theatre, Kongens Nytorv (public square/garden) and so on.

We then walked back to The Little Mermaid, where I got the "Instagram" photos of the statue and boarded a bus back to the ship.

STARVING, I scarfed down 4 slices of pizza, a hamburger and the meal was topped off by a scoop of ice cream. A quick shower and change of clothes and was back on a free shuttle from the ship back downtown.

An evening stroll along the streets of Copenhagen and ended up at our destination: Tivoli Gardens. Part botanical garden, part amusement park, part food hall. A 4th of July celebration including Motown music and Fireworks was an unexpected turn of events.

When I describe Tivoli Gardens, think old, OLD Wooden roller coaster with an actual break man that rides in the train. Modern steel roller coasters with numerous flips and spins. And likely my favorite, the Hans Christian Andersen storybook version of ride strikingly similar to Disneys "Its a Small World".

However, the dork that I am and am starting to fully embrace, loved asking the ride attendant of "The Vintage Cars" if he needed to see my drivers license. I also loved my photo opp with Peppa the Pig.

Not all can or will be summarized here, but it was a good day and memorable date on the calendar. Well done Copenhagen, bravo!

A taxi back to the ship, sleep and then back out into the city to wander, shop, eat, museum hop in day two of our stop.

It was the best stop on this 12 day voyage in my opinion. Stockholm is a close second, even in all of the rain. Berlin was gorgeous and I'll also go back there and also to Stockholm, but Copenhagen took the cake for me.

-Cole from Colorado

Continent #3 gets a GIANT check mark ✅



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