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Best call today!

I wrote Sandy, my travel agent from First Class Travel on Monday asking about potential room upgrades for my upcoming back-to-back European cruises in June as I had seen some comments on the Facebook group for the sailings that there were still a lot of rooms available...

She called me today around noon stating I could upgrade from my interior room To an oceanview room and the cruise line would REFUND me $2200 between the 2 cruises!

I feel like I hit the travel jackpot today!

So, instead of being in the same interior room for 19 nights, I'll have the same oceanview room for all 19 nights! Once again, I avoid the interior room category...

Moral of the story, it never hurts to ask. And thanks to Sandy for jumping on it and helping to make it happen. I am already well past final payment date.

I'll be spending 4 days at the Waldorf Astoria in Amsterdam. It's likely the most expensive hotel I've stayed in. The primary reason of this particular selection is to eat at Spectrum, a 2 Michelin Star restaurant inside the hotel ( It's difficult, but not impossible to snag a reservation...but a quick email with the hotel concierge and reservation confirmed for my desired time/date within a matter of minutes.

This then led me to ask the question, "what else should I do while visiting" to which the concierge responded back, "how about a private guided tour of the Van Gogh Museum and walk around the city to guide you around the historical sites of the city." I quickly took them up on that offer so my private tour should be the perfect way to see the city!

Cruise ports consists of:

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Kristiansand, Norway

Haugesund, Norway

Geiranger, Norway

Alesund, Norway

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Berlin, Germany

Visby, Sweden

Tallinn, Estonia

Helsinki, Finland

Stockholm, Sweden

Copenhagen, Denmark (overnight)

Amsterdam, Netherlands - where I'll fly back after an additional 1 night stay after getting off the cruise ship.

This trip is still more than 60 days away, but the countdown is on! A fresh step and some $ back in my bank's a good day!

-Cole from Colorado

here's a photo (not my own) of Geiranger, Norway. Looks stunning:



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Hey!  I am Cole from Grand Junction, Colorado. In 2023 I stepped on all seven continents, in a single calendar year, solo!

The year continues to shape my life and my lust for travel.

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