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Beginnings and endings.

I had a great quick trip to Florida this weekend. It was definitely spontaneous, which is becoming a reoccurring theme for this year, but there was some unfinished business or at least unasked and unanswered questions, and it was worth another couple of flight segments across the country to explore.

I don't know how we crammed so much into such a short time. I flew out of Grand Junction at 6a on Friday morning, am currently back enroute to CO and should land in my own bed around midnight tonight (Sunday, Feb 5th).

We didn't actually "do" any sight seeing, nor did I intend to. This weekend was about connections, or in this case, reconnecting and seeing if replication was possible...or even proper.

Coffee. Conversation. Cocktails. Pool. Rinse. Repeat.

I feel we were successful, in both reconnecting and replication and thus the weekend was everything I wanted it to be, at least for me.

Champagne Cherrie was a new and unexpected connection. A delightful ball of energy that I was introduced to as a bartender at a local Ft Meyer tavern. While brunching at her restaurant, the group made dinner plans for Saturday evening after her shift ended and I was now being folded into her circle. After a meat and gochugaru butter filled dinner at Ember, a local Korean BBQ + Steakhouse followed by drinks at Rascals, a gay bar, I now consider Cherrie a friend. A new connection in this journey around the globe. 🙏🏻

So, bringing me to my deep thought of the evening on this flight home from Florida.

Maybe beginnings aren't beginnings and endings aren't endings.

What do I mean by that? It's complicated, kind of like life and kind of like it sounds. Maybe this trek around the world doesn't have a beginning and an end. I mean, it certainly does physically but maybe the journey itself is a mindset.

I have touched on this before several times, realizing that "time and place" are so important to our journeys. After this weekend, I am now going to add "space" to that list.

Whether it be with this trek across the globe, or in other connections like friendships, relationships, or work...the space that someone gives in their life is incredibly important. And that's truly what I learned this weekend. The realization that "space" is just as important in the "time and place" equation. Dare I say, maybe even more important than "time" or "place".

Time and place may tell the story, or be the backdrop to the story. The space that someone gives must be available to be given, and it may be finite or it can be unending. (Maybe through a mindset or even a dream 🤷🏻‍♂️...still working this thought out.)

A very special thanks to my wonderful hosts for the weekend. I adore you and had the most amazing visit. Time and place will tell the story but I am so appreciative of your "space" as short or as long as you make it available to me to be a part of.

Colorado Over and Out 😘

(courtesy of "Carolina on the Line - Sunny Sweeney)




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