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Beach Hopping BLISS

I’ve seen beaches all of the world.  All are special in their own time and place.  The beaches of the Seychelles are no different, other than they are completely different from any other location I’ve ever encountered.

The water is a very similar turquoise color to that of Vanuatu and the Great Barrier Reef (shown in that order, Seychelles last)

As I’ve mentioned before, the salt content of the Indian Ocean is seemingly much lower.

What is completely different is the smooth granite rocks that grace the shores and the unspoiled nature of so many of the beaches visited yesterday.  A local tour guide directed me places I would have never explored on my own. I was the driver, as I had already rented the car and it was a more affordable option than using the guides car.

Bouncing down single lane roads with no cell coverage is not realisticly something I would have done on my own, but caution thrown to the wind and sense of adventure high, I took the unknown corners and “roads” and was led to scenery that is largely untouched by human hands.

It’s almost as if the beaches were national parks, as they really should be, but instead are just a bit too remote or there are simply too many other location options for hotels, condos...humans. The saving grace for many of these untouched beaches is probably that many of them are not swimmable due to larger waves and strong rip currents. Whatever reason, thankful and hopeful they remain untouched.

My tour guide became my photographer for the day. An unexpected but welcomed surprise and maybe further proof that the equipment is more important than my photography skills when it comes to snapping shots across the world. He did a great job and I am thankful for his efforts!

Beaches visited on Saturday over the 8+ hour day include:

Anse Royale

Anse Intendance

Anse Corail

Police Bay

Anse Takamaka

Baie Lazare

Anse Soiel

When it comes to beaches, I am not sure the Seychellois know what they have.  As one local said, "We see it everyday."

And there you have it.  Another example of "appreciate what you have".  People travel from all over the world to see what you look at in your backyard each and every day. Even here in the Seychelles.

Immunity to natures beauty apparently isn’t bound by time or place.  I am starting to notice it happens everywhere I visit.  It also happens in Grand Junction. Maybe that’s why those that leave the Grand Valley end up returning when they don’t take the dirt with them. They are missing that reminder of the local beauty. If you take it with you, it’s still there to admire and appreciate…

Unfortunately, or fortunately, U.S. Customs prevents me from taking sand and dirt from these far reaching corners of the globe, so I guess I’ll be forced to return to these beautiful locations. I have to wonder if I'll be in the same "space" as my current trek or if that part of the story will change. I guess time will tell that story. 😉

Now Sunday, my last full day here on Mahe, I have to start thinking and mentally preparing for the 31 hour trek home.  Luckily, my Hilton Diamond status is giving me a 5p checkout on Monday, so I really will get another full day here to enjoy island life before showering, zipping up the suitcase and starting the trek home.

Today, currently raining and cloudy, I am sitting under the poolside bar palapa hoping for a break in the drizzle to hop in the pool.  My first cocktail is in hand at 10a, so I guess it doesn’t matter.  I am going to make the most of my last ~36 hours regardless.

I’ve heard multiple times recently how “lucky” I am.  Is it luck?  I didn’t win the lottery to do this, I worked hard for many of years.  Don’t get me wrong, I fully recognize that I am FORTUNATE beyond even my own wildness dreams to do what I am doing, but I do hold some regard for myself and the sacrifices, long hours, never-ending stress and destroyed relationships of my past …and maybe even that little bit of luck, to step foot on all seven continents in a year.

I am also starting to preach a Vision Board.  Challenged by Southwest Coaching and Becca Goldsberry in 2012 when I was first transitioning from bank branch manager and stability of a set salary to a fully commission sales position in mortgage. The exercise to create a vision board of what I wanted, is largely what I attribute a lot of this year to, along with a simple question from a friend, "would you go". Sometimes, just one question can change your life. A question can spark a dream.

I can’t put my finger on the photo of my vision board right now, but I’ll share when I do. You would, however, be AMAZED at the locations and type of travel that I dreamt of visiting when I was cutting out photos and words for my vision board and those that have been marked visited on the travel scoreboard this year.

My vision for life has always been travel.  I get so much out of observing people in different places and cultures. It's fun and maybe ironic how the “People in Places” photography series has become such a part of this year of travel.

I just came across a quote that is near and dear to my heart, and I think is the perfect end to this post, “Never assume that the loud are strong and quiet are weak."

Wander quietly or wander loudly if you must, but, wander... Go to the beach.  Book the trip.

Thankful. Fortunate. "Lucky".

Cole from Colorado.


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Glenn Sjoholm
Glenn Sjoholm
17 thg 9, 2023

Love the pictures, especially the rock that looked like a tortoise head, the thick vegetation, the pics of other people, you smiling with arms extended, and that's only a few of my favorites!

Palm Springs Selfie.jpg

about me:

Hey!  I am Cole from Grand Junction, Colorado. In 2023 I stepped on all seven continents, in a single calendar year, solo!

The year continues to shape my life and my lust for travel.

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