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A San Diego state of mind

I’ve been to four corners of the globe so far and I can’t wait for the other three, but as I said before, there is beauty all around us!

If you would’ve told me when I would’ve seen an experienced in the last 10 months, I would’ve never ever guessed that it was possible.

The Caribbean, San Francisco, Australia, the South Pacific, Vegas, Northern Europe, New Orleans, the African Indian Ocean and now Southern California.

I would’ve never thought that I would like Southern California, at all. The last two days to prove that anything is possible. The beach, the waves crashing into the rocky shoreline, Hillcrest and the Gayborhood, lunch overlooking Balboa Park. It’s been another perfect day in an imperfect year.

There is beauty in the imperfect.

Hotel Coronado is as fairytale like as all the songs, movies and photos make it out to be. It’s as idealistic and as iconic as one would hope.

Cabrillo National Monument is a stunning perch overlooking the city bay.

Lunch at The Prado overlooking Bablo Park was a delicious grilled Mahi taco, plated so you assemble your own perfect mix of mango-jalepeno salsa, cabbage slaw, fresh corn tortillas .  Mouth-watering goodness, filling and still lite enough to wander around the park comfortably. The Blood Orange Margarita with Tajin rim was among the most tasty I've ever had.

Last night consisted of some bar hopping before turning into bed shortly after midnight.

A day in San Diego was as fun as any other day this year…and it’s a whole lot easier to get to.

Today, brunch at Mo’s…which is ALL decked out for Halloween and then getting settled and ready for the drive up to Long Beach to embark on the Atlantis Cruise.

So far, the feeling is “right”, Gigi.  So be it a fish taco or a weekend in Southern California, I am here for it and having fun.


Cole from Colorado.



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about me:

Hey!  I am Cole from Grand Junction, Colorado. In 2023 I stepped on all seven continents, in a single calendar year, solo!

The year continues to shape my life and my lust for travel.

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